Sam Smithyman

Sam has practiced yoga since he remembers. He says yoga needs to be taught in schools because kids and teachers have too much stress in their lives and in class. He believes yoga has helped him stay calm during exams and to be energetic rather than worried or overwhelmed. Sam came up with the name Enter Grace because he thinks that "to enter the door of grace is to be in a good place, to be strong and peaceful." Sam studies film at the school of Art and Design High School and will be attending Prague Film School Fall 2020. 








Sonja Rzepski  

 Her 16 year history with yoga began as a way to feel whole and balanced after stress as an athlete and performer. While working as a theatre performer and aerialist, Ashtanga yoga has been a healing force that not only soothed sore muscles but calmed the mind and lit the creative light. She teaches at Pure Yoga, and Prema Yoga Therapy Institute in NYC. As an artist internationally, Sonja has worked with the Madgdelana Project, Womens Interart, Lincoln Center Theatre, and other Broadway productions. All of this she is grateful for, the life adventures and stories where art and yoga continue to remind her to move from a place of joy and steadiness. She is eternally thankful to her teachers and believes we can all live in, and enter grace, physically and energetically if we move forward with patience and positive attitude. With the idea from her son Sam Smithyman, Sonja helped him create the EGY organization. 










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