Sam, EGY originator, was in fifth grade when the Sandy Hook school shooting happened. His response was that his teacher Mrs. Lorraine, and the other teachers, needed yoga in order to be calm and strong. He was very determined to make it happen. SEVA Yoga means the yoga of service. This was a concept he was familiar with having grown up around yoga. He said it was important I teach his teachers yoga. Thus we started, Sam helped me organize the classes and the teachers in his school. Then the school wanted the yoga for their students too.  Many have stepped up to make this organization evolve and grow. 

Years later we now have yoga in schools from Harlem to the Bronx. Wonderful yoga teachers and administrators who give their time and energy throughout the school year to grades pre-k through 8th grade, and importantly to the elementary and middle school teachers. Enter Grace Yoga (EGY) provides the free CREATIVE FLOW yoga classes at public schools in New York City with the aim of empowering, inspiring and promoting creativity and self expression in everyone.

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Sonja (co-originator and Sam's mom)

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