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PYI's BIPOC Leadership Scholarship

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PYI's Yoga Service Scholarship 

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PYI's BIPOC Leadership Scholarship


For this initiative, PYI grants partial scholarships to black, indiginous and/or persons of color who are leaders in yoga and wellness, or show promise to become leaders in our fields. This well-received program invests PYI in changing the landscape of wellness exponentially. 

How this Scholarship Keeps Giving: 

When the student and faculty population of any program is diverse, conversations become richer and the act of learning and service can become more empathic. South Asian students and faculty add a depth to the teaching of South Asian traditions, and the diversity of New York and the U.S. can be more fairly represented in the learning space. All students benefit from diversity in the faculty and student body.  

Additionally, one qualified scholarship receiver consults on DEI initiatives at PYI and at Enter Grace Yoga.

PYI grads may gain skills and techniques that can help in the down-regulation of racially-based stress and trauma. They can better serve their communities, and their expanding careers may encourage other students who identify as BIPOC to try yoga and mindfulness.  



PYI's Yoga Service Scholarship


It's easy to see the effects of the pandemic all around us in New York - closed restaurants, businesses - and yoga studios.  Right when people need yoga the most, yoga teachers are financially challenged, and needing the therapeutic skills taught through PYI to better serve their students and clients.  The Community Aid for Yoga Teachers Scholarship makes Yoga Therapy Certification more accessible to our colleagues, infusing our "care for caregiver" intention back into the yoga community. 

This partial scholarship is awarded to yoga professionals in New York City who attest to experiencing financial hardship during and after the pandemic. 

How this Scholarship Keeps Giving: 

Prema Scholarship recipients will complete required practicum hours as a teacher or administrative consultant with Enter Grace Yoga, to provide yoga classes to New York City public school teachers.  These sessions are specialized to help teachers manage the stress of teaching during and after the pandemic. 


With the knowledge that training and practice provide, PYI grads are better prepared to make yoga accessible to private clients managing injury recovery, chronic illness, or other conditions that make group classes more challenging. 

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